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The Learn Enough Courses
The Learn Enough courses follow a carefully designed sequence to take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go. A good place to start is Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous, which is suitable for complete beginners while being a valuable review for more experienced developers. Or you can start with whichever tutorial catches your eye. The best value is the All Access Bundle , which includes every course we offer for one monthly price.

Learn Enough Command Line
Developer Fundamentals 01
Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl is an introduction to the Unix command line for complete beginners. Because the command line is a foundational technology for everything else in tech, this first Learn Enough tutorial is the best place to start for “learning to code”. Read full post
Learn Enough Text Editor
Developer Fundamentals 02
Learn Enough Text Editor to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl and Lee Donahoe is designed to help you learn to edit plain text files using a text editor, arguably the most important tool in the software developer’s toolkit. Unlike other text editor tutorials, which are typically tied to a specific editor, this tutorial is designed to introduce the entire category of application—a category many people don’t even know exists. Read full post
Learn Enough Git
Developer Fundamentals 03
Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl covers an often-overlooked but essential skill in modern computing: version control. Git, the most popular and powerful version-control system, lets you track changes in software projects while also enabling collaboration with millions of developers around the world. Read full post
Learn Enough HTML
Web Basics 01
Learn Enough HTML to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl and Lee Donahoe is an introduction to HyperText Markup Language, the language of the World Wide Web. You’ll learn the most important HTML techniques by building a simple but real website, which you’ll start by deploying to the live Web in the very first section! Read full post
Learn Enough CSS & Layout
Web Basics 02
Learn Enough CSS & Layout to Be Dangerous by Lee Donahoe and Michael Hartl teaches you how to use Cascading Style Sheets, the design language of the Web, in the context of a real website. You’ll learn the basics of front-end design & development, including how to use a static site generator to do layout right. The result is a professional-grade website (including blog!) deployed to the live Web. Read full post
Learn Enough JavaScript
Web Basics 03
Learn Enough JavaScript to Be Dangerous teaches you the basics of JavaScript, the only language that can be run inside web browsers. You’ll learn the latest JavaScript technologies (including Node.js and ES6) en route to deploying a real interactive website to the live Web.
Learn Enough Ruby
Application Development 01
Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous teaches you to write practical and modern programs in Ruby, a powerful object-oriented programming language especially common in web development. Learn interactive Ruby, shell scripting, and beginning web development—useful standalone skills that are also the perfect preparation for the Ruby on Rails Tutorial.
The Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 6th Ed.
Application Development 02
Since its initial publication in 2010, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial has been one of the leading introductions to web development. In this bestselling tutorial, you’ll learn how to develop and deploy real, industrial-strength web applications with Ruby on Rails, the open-source web framework that powers top websites such as Hulu, GitHub, Shopify, and Airbnb. This new 6th edition has been fully updated for Rails 6.
Learn Enough Action Cable
Application Development 03
Learn Enough Action Cable to Be Dangerous is an introduction to Action Cable, a Ruby library that combines ultra-responsive real-time applications with the power and convenience of Rails. Learn to build and deploy a highly responsive chat app that takes advantage of Action Cable’s elegant interface to the WebSockets protocol.
Development Environment
Free Resources 01
Learn Enough Dev Environment to Be Dangerous is a free resource covering how to configure your computer for doing software development. Topics include cloud IDEs, virtual machines, and configuring native operating systems.
Custom Domains
Free Resources 02
Learn Enough Custom Domains to Be Dangerous covers setting up custom domains for websites and email, collecting a ton of useful information that’s otherwise difficult to find in one place.

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